Our Story

 Chronically Persevering was created to raise awareness for service dogs and chronic illnesses on social media platforms. Through daily updates sharing the story of Opie and his girl we created an amazing community and have been lucky enough to help change other’s lives in the process.

Through unforeseen circumstances with his own health, Opie had to retire and Piper joined our story. Piper was a whole lot of personality in a little puppy. He enjoys dressing up in different accessories and posing for pictures(all the treats didn’t hurt either). I found that the bow ties I was buying for Piper, although nice, did not hold up to his big personality and even bigger antics. I decided to start making Piper his own bow ties that were cute, classy, and high quality. As soon as Piper was pictured in them, our followers started to ask where they came from. I decided to combine my love for fashion with my love for dogs to start our very own bow tie line! We hope you will love them as much as we do and that they will bring a smile to your face! 

Xx Cienna, Opie, & Piper


Service Dog In Training Program

We are excited to announce that $1 from every product purchased will be going to a specially  selected service dog in training. Each team will be highlighted for three months and receive donations from that period.

Meet Eevee and "B"!


"B"is a fun loving 2.5 year old. She has had a rough start to life and is currently a foster child that has been with her foster family since she was a few months old. Her foster family has begun the steps needed to legally adopt her, even though they feel she has been a member of the family from the start. Sweet "B" also has some severe medical problems. "B" has a been diagnosed with epilepsy which also causes problems with her heart directly following her seizures. Unfortunately, her form of epilepsy isn't one that she will grow out of, and it may get progressively worse. "B"'s neurologist has recommended a seizure alert/response dog. Her service dog, which is an Aussiedoodle name Eevee, is being trained to alert her family caregivers and school caregivers when "B" is having a seizure, retrieving medication, and assisting "B" through deep pressure therapy and tactile stimulation as she is recovering from her seizures. If you would like to follow "B" and Eevee's journey you can follow Eevee the Service Dog on Facebook and Instagram or follow the link to their Go Fund Me page.